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Corporate Relocation Services 

You understand that a successful corporate relocation has a direct, tangible benefit to your business. Happy, settled employees are more productive and reach their full potential far more easily than those dealing with stresses in their personal lives. 
How our corporate relocation services deliver a successful move: 
Bespoke: We create a bespoke service for each employee, taking into account their individual requirements, personality, family situation and culture. This means we take away all their worries, leaving each indivdual feeling perfectly supported and ready to tackle their new role. 
Personal: We place the individual, and their family are at the heart of each move. Our team work hard to establish a meaningful rapport with every employee, prioritising personal communication with the individual and giving them their first friend in a new world. 
Experienced: Our team of experienced relocation experts have the in-house skills to support your employee end-to-end throughout the whole relocation process. We offer a full range of corporate relocation services so you only have the one partner and point of contact to deal with. 
Structured: We will also work with you to produce an individual Service Level Agreement, so that you’ll know exactly where you are with us. We will monitor our performance throughout the project, to ensure we are meeting your targets and you’re ultimately happy with the service. 

Our Services  

Area Orientation 

Turn strange streets into familiar sights with our Area Orientation Day. This preview trip prepares employees for their relocation and minimises disruption to their routine by helping familiarise them with the location they will be moving to. A comprehensive and fully bespoke programme is arranged where the employee spends the day getting to know their new home via the expertise of one of our local area specialists.  

Home Finding 

Moving home is stressful enough in your own country, but in a new one it's even harder. Our bespoke home finding service is delivered by in-house experts to help employees find their ideal home, help navigate local rental practices, and create an individual itinerary of property viewings. As well as reducing stress, this process saves the employee time, meaning they can stay focussed on their work. 

Settling-In Services 

From council tax to choosing utilities providers, there's much more to moving house that just finding somewhere to live. Our settling-in service ensures the relocation of your employees is quick and effortless. We'll organise all necessary registrations and applications, we can also reduce any unnecessary administration and allow your employees to be productive in their new role immediately. 

Departure Services 

Relocation support doesn't end when the employee moves in. There's a significant amount of admininstrative work attached to the end of an assignment too. Relocation Support Services’ Departure Service supports your employees at the end of their assignment, removing the administrative burden from the company and employee, while allowing them to concentrate on remaining productive in their ongoing role.  

Education Support 

Education support is an area of reputational excellence at Relocation Support Services. We provide unbiased help and advice on the state, private or international schools available in the host location, plus guidance through the respective admissions systems. We have in-house experts who go beyond providing Ofsted ratings and offer bespoke consultancy to find the perfect school for each of your employee's children.  

Tenancy Management 

Hvaing found the perfect home for your employee, we want to make sure they stay happy and stress free throughout their tenancy. Our outstanding Tenancy Management Service provides a high level of support to employees throughout their tenancy in the host country, giving a single point-of-contact to help facilitate settling-in and any ongoing issues throughout their assignment.  
International Relocation Services

About Us 

Our clients' needs are at the heart of everything we do at Relocation Support Services. Founded in 1995, we have come a long way, assisting thousands of employees to relocate around the globe. Our expertise is second-to-none, and we continue to improve to deliver the best in service. Read more
Global Relocation Support Services | London

Additional Services 

At Relocation Support Services, we provide the full breadth of services that may be required during a relocation, including furniture rentals and spousal assistance. We assist with all aspects of a move, enabling us to offer a full end-to-end solution for your corporate relocation. Read more. 
Corporate Relocation | HR Support

HR Services 

Relocation Support Services can support all relocation tasks that typically fall to HR. From helping you to write a new relocation policy, to providing a cost estimate for a proposed move, as well as reporting existing population or benchmarking your current programme. Read more. 

Career Opportunities 

It's our people who make the magic happen during a move. So, we're always on the look out for talented individuals to join our friendly and dynamic team of relocation professionals. If you're the kind of person who thrives on making a real difference, we'd love to hear from you. Read more. 
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